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Terrains à vendre au mexique bord de mer

Safety and peace of mind

With all our years of expertise in Mexico, we’ve developed a concept that provides safety and peace of mind, in both the property buying process and in the construction of your beachfront home. Your real estate investment is backed by strict environmental regulations guarantee a development of homes, condos or villas in harmony with nature.

  • Seaside or nearby beach properties
  • Safe private entrance
  • Very large lands to build for North American-style construction
  • Mature trees including palms
  • Natural park at the entrance with paths and just a short walk from the largest natural pink flamingo reserve
  • Guaranteed property deeds
  • A team of trilingual professionals (Canadian, American and Mexican) to help you throughout the process of buying beachfront property in Mexico
Properties square meters size
Phase 1
# 1 3134.70 25 x 118.78 m  – irr.
# 2 3115,50 25 x 129,79 m  – irr.
# 3  Reserve 3143,34 25 x 133.66 m  – irr.
# 4 2639,88 21 x 133.63 m  – irr.
# 7 2144,22 22,94 x 103.56 m – irr.
# 8 2146,00 22,94 x 96,82 m – irr.
# 9 2188,50 22,94 x 101,88 m – irr.
# 10  Reserve 2285,53 24,21 x 102,78 m – irr.
# 11 2399,92 preservation area
Reserve Reserved
Phase 2 in process (#12 to #20)

Starting at

US $191 000  – Seaside

US $ 90 000  – Nearby Properties

Administration fees included

(notary, lawyer, business incorporation)

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Privada Sisal, an exclusive lifestyle for a north american clientele.

Seaside properties in mexico

Privada Sisal is located near the quiet Village of Sisal, and offers a safe and healthy environment for your family to fully enjoy life in harmony with nature with its stunning decor and friendly atmosphere. Privada Sisal is located on an endless sandy beach overlooking emerald-colored waters with thousands of pink flamingos behind it: tranquility and natural beauty.

330 days of sunshine per year

Sisal experiences a micro climate where rainfall is very rare, receiving only 55 cm of rain each year. You will only experience rain 50 out of 365 days per year, and rarely for the entire day (Source: Conagua Mexico) Sisal has only recorded one hurricane since 1888, as it is protected by the Yucatan Peninsula.


Life in Mexico is quite easy. You’ll be fascinated by a culture steeped in history, full of natural resources, and surrounded by friendly people.  A relaxed lifestyle awaits you, but one that is also filled with activities and some new challenges. More than 20,000 expatriates are currently living in the Yucatan, with some living in the bustling City of Merida, while others preferring the quiet coastal villages. The cost of living is lower, making it easy to live there and retire earlier.


fishing kayaking
kite surfing yoga
paddleboarding golf
birdwatching hunting
cycling hammock…

The Yucatan

The Yucatan has the largest Maya population, a reserve with more than 30,000 pink flamingos to see, over 2,700 ruins to discover, 2,600 cenotes to observe and more than 450 bird species to watch.


  • Commercial, financial and administrative capital of the entire Yucatan peninsula
  • 800,000 inhabitants
  • Mayan and colonial heritage
  • Very safe city due to its geographical isolation from the rest of Mexico
  • Shopping: upscale shopping centres, Costco and grocery stores
  • High-quality health services: 3 private hospitals, dental and medical university
  • International airport with flights to major Canadian and American cities
  • Gourmet restaurants, and Merida has been recognized as the “gourmet” destination in Mexico
  • Cultural events such as the grand ballet, symphony orchestra, renowned international shows, festivals and museums.


Yucaland is a Canadian owned company and is registered in Mexico according to Mexican laws. Our experience has shown us that the laws of the 3 main countries: Mexico, Canada and the United States, are very similar. Land deeds are genuine and have been verified by Mexican lawyers and Quebec notaries. It has been easy to verify legal documents since the NAFTA agreement went into effect.


Georges Marois Canadian Architect, Contractor, Real Estate Developer Lucie Gingras Hotel Entrepreneur & Manager, Real Estate Developer Michel Parent Medical Specialist, Real Estate Developer Diane Gingras Manager, Real Estate Developer and Travel Agent

Professional Consultants

Mario Heredia Merida Architect and builder of several seaside homes (Sisal and Progreso), and commercial projects in Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen. Bilingual English –Spanish mh-arquitectos.com Lorena Ramirez Mexican Lawyer, many North American customers, bilingual English –Spanish yucatanlawoffice.com Jorge Vega Fitzgerald Mexican Accountant, the majority of his customers are North American, bilingual English –Spanish

1.844.666.5263 (toll free)

Georges Marois or  Lucie Gingras

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